Custom Client Care Package for Today's Home Stagers!

Download Product - Home Staging Client Care Package (US Version)

Impress your clients BEFORE you've even met them with this unique and customizable educational package! | Instruction provided by Shauna Lynn Simon


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US Version - click here for Canadian version

The Client Care Package is an informative package that can be provided to all of your home staging clients. 

Wow your clients with tips and checklists while upselling your additional services!

Easy to follow instructions

For customizing your package, as well as how to maximize the impact of the unique offering for your client - be ready to go in minutes and set yourself apart from the competition!

Add value to your written consultations!

This package will allow you to easily address your standard recommendations, while customizing each consultation to the unique needs of your client.

By far our best-selling product, this package is designed to provide your clients with lots of tips and checklists to enhance their consultation experience (regardless of whether they are selling a vacant or an occupied home). It also helps to provide information about what home staging is, and how your process works, AND (this is the best part) it UPSELLS your additional services. It covers the "generic" stuff, such as what and how to clean, getting ready for a showing notes, the hidden areas that they need to clean, and more. This allows you to spend less time saying the same things over and over, and more time creating a custom report geared directly to their specific home. In fact, you have probably thought about creating something like this yourself, but were overwhelmed with where to start, and frankly, why reinvent the wheel?

All documents provided in (.doc) format are completely customizable with your logo and contact information - ready to use in minutes! Use the complete package on every consultation (as outlined in the included tutorial) for maximum impact!

Download Contains:

  • Owner-Occupied Client Care Package with 16 educational and promotional inserts
    • Includes FAQs, Cleaning Checklist, Getting Ready for a Showing, and more!
  • Vacant Client Care Package with 9 educational and promotional inserts
    • Includes Vacant FAQs, Preparing Your Vacant Home for Staging, and more!
  • Instructions for putting your Client Care Package together
  • Tutorial of how to maximize the impact of your Client Care Package
  • Lifetime access to all downloads and materials, including any future updates

Utilize the educational inserts as outlined in the instructions provided, or as individual giveaways. These may be used as a free giveaway for your opt-in campaign, live event, or other promotional use!


Suitable for home stagers of all levels that want to add value to their services, and stand out from the competition

"Your client care package is packed with valuable and important information that is nearly impossible to cover in a typical consult. There are so many reasons this package is helpful but to list a few: it sets a stage for kindness, what to expect from the consult as well as explaining ways we can help after the consult- all this before we've even stepped in the door."

Carolyn Soltesz, Style It Home, LLC

NOTE: Product is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions. If you are using an alternate software, you may need to do some re-formatting.

**This product is included with the purchase of the Real Estate Staging Professional (RESP) certification training program**

Shauna Lynn Simon
Shauna Lynn Simon
Founder and Lead Trainer
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
~ Albert Einstein

Shauna Lynn Simon is fiercely committed to guiding aspiring home stagers to achieve success in all facets of their business, so that they can live the life that they have always wanted, in the career that they have always imagined. Not only is she an award-winning home staging expert, but she is also an active and practicing home stager.

If you are looking for an instructor and mentor who is passionate and committed to your success, you have come to the right place! With years of experience teaching and guiding aspiring home stagers and other entrepreneurs, through various local organizations, small business centres, colleges and her own mentoring services (The Creative Solutions Mentor), Shauna Lynn promises to provide you with the answers that you need to become a Real Estate Staging Professional. This self-made, honest, “glass half-full”, out-of-the-box entrepreneur loves to tell it like it is. She’ll share her passion and her knowledge, and will stop at nothing to provide you with the tools that you need to achieve your goals, so aim high.

As the founder of the largest home staging and design company in her region, Beyond The Stage Homes (BTSH), she applies her technical training in Mathematics to her every day work, combining creativity with logic to achieve the maximum potential from every home and every team member. In September 2015, she founded Styled, Listed, and Sold (SLS) Academy with a commitment to provide the most comprehensive home stager training program, redesigned for tomorrow’s home stagers.

You can feel confident in choosing SLS Academy - over the years, Shauna Lynn’s expertise has been honoured with remarkable and notable accolades, including:
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Vacant Home Stagers (Canada)
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Home Staging Teams
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Redesigners of the Year
  • Stevie Awards, Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada (Bronze)
  • KW Rogers Oktoberfest Women of the Year, Entrepreneur Award
  • The Record Reader Awards, Favourite Interior Decorator

Shauna Lynn for years has been delighting audiences of every size with her unique home staging industry insights and inspiration. Her perspectives have been featured locally in newspapers, home décor and business magazines, live events and even a regular segment on a daytime talk show. Now she’s here to share her love of home staging and design with you.

“In high school I was ridiculed for doing anything that was different. As an adult, I’m praised for my bravery. Don’t be afraid to be yourself – discover your inner strength and thrive in the comfort of being you – there’s no one else out there that can do that.”
~ Shauna Lynn Simon