Battle of the Consults - Walk n Talk vs Written Report

Battle of the Consults

Walk n Talk vs Written Report - Shauna Lynn Simon and Catherine Lewis-Brown battle it out to see which consultation method is best! | Instruction provided by Shauna Lynn Simon


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The truth about these two popular types of home staging consultations from the experts that use them!

On this on-demand (previously recorded) webinar, Shauna Lynn Simon and Catherine Lewis-Brown provide their completely biased opinions regarding each of these consultations, and why they think that theirs is the ONLY choice.

Get the answers to your questions - decide for yourself!

Pro Written Report, Shauna Lynn will provide a compelling argument for why this is the best option for you as a home stager, for your client, and for the real estate agent that hired you. In addition, she will provide tips for maximizing your client’s consultation experience, without taking any extra time! Complete your consultations in 2 hours, WITHOUT spending any more time in the office following the consultation.

Pro Walk n Talk, Catherine Lewis-Brown will provide her argument in favour of this type of service. Catherine loves to share the countless wins for the stager and the seller when you use the Walk n Talk format for your consultations. She’ll share with you how the Walk n Talk helps stagers deliver with confidence, engage with the seller so they do ALL the recommendations, PLUS seal the deal on the staging, and without ever breaking a sweat!

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The difference between a walk n talk and a written report
  • How much time each of these options should take you
  • Pros and cons of each consultation
  • How to maximize the type of consultation best suited for you

Download Includes:

  • On-demand Webinar Video (mp4 format) - this webinar was previously recorded live on Dec 14, 2016
  • Lifetime access

What others have said about this webinar:

"This fun webinar was jam packed with information and ideas on how to make your consult better and easier. The 2 different styles of consultations were similar because both stressed the importance of connecting with the home-owner with great ideas on how to get their buy-in. The main difference is who takes the notes. Both Shauna and Catherine had good reasons for their style of consult and since they provided their report forms for a very reasonable cost after the webinar I’m going to try both of them to see what style works best for me. This webinar is a MUST for any new stager or anyone wanting to improve their success with consultations."

~ Maggie Setler, Pittsburgh Staged Homes

"Great webinar from two experts! Packed with insights. Designed to help you deliver the best consult. A must for new and experienced Stagers."

~ Marsha Anevich, Ensemble Staging, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Meet Catherine Lewis-Brown

Catherine is a home staging coach, mentor and trainer to hundreds of stagers around the world. Her passion is to see stagers become successful entrepreneurs. She dreams of an industry filled with professional stagers who do what they love and love doing it! Catherine is the founder of The Successful Stager staging certification program and the creator of Stager's MasterClasses including Nail the Consult! Nail the Consult! is built on the walk and talk format, and was created to help stagers ace their consult and secure the staging contract without breaking a sweat! Catherine knows first-hand what stagers need and has created online and live programs, tools and resources to inspire, motivate and empower stagers to the awesomeness they deserve! Catherine walks the talk - she is the owner and founder of her Toronto-based business, Ready to List Staging.

Shauna Lynn Simon
Shauna Lynn Simon
Founder and Lead Trainer
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
~ Albert Einstein

Shauna Lynn Simon is fiercely committed to guiding aspiring home stagers to achieve success in all facets of their business, so that they can live the life that they have always wanted, in the career that they have always imagined. Not only is she an award-winning home staging expert, but she is also an active and practicing home stager.

If you are looking for an instructor and mentor who is passionate and committed to your success, you have come to the right place! With years of experience teaching and guiding aspiring home stagers and other entrepreneurs, through various local organizations, small business centres, colleges and her own mentoring services (The Creative Solutions Mentor), Shauna Lynn promises to provide you with the answers that you need to become a Real Estate Staging Professional. This self-made, honest, “glass half-full”, out-of-the-box entrepreneur loves to tell it like it is. She’ll share her passion and her knowledge, and will stop at nothing to provide you with the tools that you need to achieve your goals, so aim high.

As the founder of the largest home staging and design company in her region, Beyond The Stage Homes (BTSH), she applies her technical training in Mathematics to her every day work, combining creativity with logic to achieve the maximum potential from every home and every team member. In September 2015, she founded Styled, Listed, and Sold (SLS) Academy with a commitment to provide the most comprehensive home stager training program, redesigned for tomorrow’s home stagers.

You can feel confident in choosing SLS Academy - over the years, Shauna Lynn’s expertise has been honoured with remarkable and notable accolades, including:
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Vacant Home Stagers (Canada)
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Home Staging Teams
  • Real Estate Staging Association, Top 10 Redesigners of the Year
  • Stevie Awards, Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada (Bronze)
  • KW Rogers Oktoberfest Women of the Year, Entrepreneur Award
  • The Record Reader Awards, Favourite Interior Decorator

Shauna Lynn for years has been delighting audiences of every size with her unique home staging industry insights and inspiration. Her perspectives have been featured locally in newspapers, home décor and business magazines, live events and even a regular segment on a daytime talk show. Now she’s here to share her love of home staging and design with you.

“In high school I was ridiculed for doing anything that was different. As an adult, I’m praised for my bravery. Don’t be afraid to be yourself – discover your inner strength and thrive in the comfort of being you – there’s no one else out there that can do that.”
~ Shauna Lynn Simon